Make me del. indain food & we'll build web-business!!!

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Hello Desis!

I have been browsing some ads here about food services / cooking service (where a home-based mom will cook delicious Indian dishes / meals for others to pick up) but I have also been disappointed to see some of these ads expired, posters not responding to inquiries, postetrs no longer interested and so other words, unprofessionally handled. it was quite disappointing after first having found such ads on SacDesi and getting excited! I am a busy person and would love to have typical Indian dishes prepared so I can pickup.... I am sure there is demand outside of me as well!

Still reading this?! Ok, this morning while I was having my coffee and getting ready for work, I thought about this: If you are serious about providing cooking service and reasonable rates to other Indians (and interested Americans too, why not?!) get in touch with me. In addition to being your regular consumer, let's build you a first rate, dedicated website, where you can put up your weekly / monthly / permanent menu, where people can place orders, pay online too!! Wouldn't that be great? If it cataches on....and I don't see why not! you might eventually have your hands full with a full-time business doing your favorite cooking! I am sure there are others like me who are craving for delicious home cooked Indian food!

If this excites you, get in touch with me, I'll respond promptly, we can discuss further :o)