Yoga, breathing & meditation for Children (8-13yrs)


Art Excel Course(Ages 8-13yrs) * July 20-23 * wkdays:6pm-9pm; wkend:10am-1pm * 169 parkshore drive, Folsom *  Register:

The ART Excel course supports the overall well-being of children by teaching them a variety of empowering techniques that foster peace of mind, mental clarity and focus, physical relaxation and emotional stability.

ART Excel students learn:

- The Six Golden Keys to Success

- Yoga and breathing processes which help eliminate fear and anxiety

- Techniques that enhance focus and concentration

- Simple meditation and relaxation techniques

- Skills in friendship, leadership and teamwork.

Kids are challenged to look beyond their own circle of friends and interests to contemplate the world at large. They become aware of their responsibility for life and to others. The program shows children how to become responsible but remain uninhibited, joyful, loving, creative, and fun. This program is unique in its ability to bridge the generation gap. It looks into what is timeless in all of us and from there all goodness and understanding grows. A 12 to 14 hours workshop usually spread over four to six days, covering every aspect of a child's development.

The curriculum has three different aspects:

Physical: stretching, yoga, pranayama

Mental: specific breathing exercises (kriya), relaxation techniques, meditation (leads to calmness of mind, improved memory and concentration at school work)

Social: problem solving strategies, development of social skills, leadership training, group dynamics, creative projects like art, drama, literature, song, dance and service projects like helping elderly people, planting trees and cleaning the environment.